“Consciously Create a Life you Love” Is So Much More Than a Catchy Phrase

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One of the tag lines I use for my business is, “Consciously create a life you love.” I don’t know if this is true for you, but there’s a part of me that thinks that’s a tall order. That is, until I reconnect with the deeper meaning.

What it’s not.

Consciously creating a life you love does not mean that we get to a place where we never again experience the unwanted. Where bad things don’t happen or, if they do, we aren’t affected by them. It doesn’t mean that all those ducks are finally in that row we’ve been trying so hard to herd them into. It doesn’t mean that we’ve arrived at some self-defined nirvana, forever and ever, amen.

What it is.

Consciously creating a life you love is much more of an orientation of embracing and expressing our unique versions of aliveness than any sort of desired destination. It’s a commitment to growing capacities within ourselves that help us to stay more firmly rooted in well-being as constantly shifting circumstances swirl around us. It’s about cultivating a solid, comforting and affirming home base within ourselves from which to engage with Life.

It’s a stance of kind regard and appreciation for ourselves, no matter what we’re thinking, feeling or doing. It’s a position of curiosity and learning from which we can make choices that support and enliven us. It’s an allowing of our humanness in all its forms vs. holding ourselves to some inhuman(e) standard that we can never achieve.

For those of us who learned along the way that there are harsh consequences to being our unique selves, consciously creating a life we love can feel risky. Yet when we take tiny, gentle steps toward what we long for, we find that a well of relief, freedom and possibility becomes available to us and compels us to continue on.

We don’t have to know exactly what we’re doing or where we’re going. We only have to start listening and noticing and making choices from a position of care, curiosity and kindness. One step and one moment at a time.


Prompts for Futher Exploration


What’s a small step toward consciously creating a life you love that you can take today?

  • Is it to practice paying attention to what’s calling you?

  • Is it to stop discounting or running roughshod over what you need to support your well-being?

  • Is it to take action on something you know would bring more ease or enjoyment into your life?

  • Is it noticing when you are speaking harshly to yourself and making a commitment to shift to a kinder message right then and there?

I’d love to hear what your next step is!

Lynne HutchinsonComment