About Lynne Hutchinson



Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
— Howard Thurman


I was nine years old when I first heard these words sung with soaring conviction:

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

Those twelve words stunned me into my first spiritual awakening - a resonant chord of deep knowing felt in my little body of how I was meant to live my life. Right then, I knew I wanted to help others and make the world a better place - a world more peaceful than the life I had already experienced by that time. And, I wanted to become the kind of person that could do it. 

Later awakenings, such as listening to John Denver as the sun danced on a lake and reading Siddhartha, strengthened my young desire to express my potential and contribute to the world in some meaningful way.

So I got the degrees. I studied nutrition and biochemistry, human development and human potential, communication and conflict resolution, and psychospiritual principles and practices. I pushed myself to achieve academically and athletically. I supported people and causes through work and volunteering.

My career took me into advocacy, teaching and leadership, with a primary focus on individual development.

I’ve had the privilege of co-creating possibility with people in all walks of life- those living in poverty, in poor health, in abusive environments, and in prison. I’ve worked with artists, entrepreneurs, social change agents, professors, students, coaches, healthcare professionals and retirees, helping them step into their possibilities, into their ever-brightening lives of meaning, ease, growth, joy and self-defined success. I’ve also worked with leaders and teams to create humane working environments by changing the way they speak with each other, regardless of role or rank.

In 1999, I discovered the profession of coaching and was delighted to find something that integrated my purpose and acumen into one descriptive whole. I became certified in 2000 and have coached and taught individuals and teams for close to 20 years.

Supporting others to live fully with meaning and joy, regardless of circumstance, is my passion. I do it with kindness, deep listening, and unwavering belief in every person’s potential, every person’s dream for themselves and their world. And I do it through my ongoing commitment to my own personal development.

Despite all the years of following my “peace path” of inner growth and outer contribution, it was not always a straight or easy trek. At midlife, I found myself on an intensely painful Heroine’s Journey that involved a long walk into the land of depression. I lost connection with my strong, capable self, turning to a toxic triad of food (gaining 100-plus pounds along the way), TV, and sleep to make it through each day. I was hanging on by my fingernails. I did not believe I would come through.

And yet I did. I came through.

What turned this whole thing around was this:

I had to decide at the depth of my being if I wanted to live or continue to subsist until my last breath. I had to claim my full and whole life and commit to nothing less. I had to listen and tend to all parts of me and live as the unique expression that makes me, me. I had to find the voice that has my own back and bring it into the mix as I engaged with life outside me.  

And that’s what I did. And that’s what I continue to do.

I took some tiny, shaky steps forward, then some bigger, more courageous ones. I got started and I kept going. I started exercising. I lost the weight (see for yourself). The grip of depression eventually let go. I regained my confidence and vitality.

I came back to the bright, fullness of Life and to my work as a coach with new energy and insight, but mostly with more of myself.

I can say now that I’m grateful for the struggle because it launched me into new possibilities I couldn’t have imagined before.

Each one of us has our unique challenges. It is possible to move beyond where you think you cannot and live a life you love, no matter what’s happening within or around you. I’d love to support you to do just that.

I live amongst trees and water on the coast of Maine with my husband, Don, and our two pups, Jeni and Harry. My twins, Emily and Zach, live in other parts of New England, stepping into their own possibilities. I love Crossfit, hiking, and continuing to walk my ever-unfolding, often surprising path.  

What about you? I’d love to hear your journey and discover what possibilities await you. Please do be in touch!


Credentials & Experience

Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Studies
2015: Champlain College | Burlington, VT

Coach Certification
2000: The Coaches Training Institute

Yearlong Leadership Training
2000: Coaches Training Institute

Coach and Trainer for Individuals, Managers, Leaders and Teams
Since 1999

Master of Science in Human Development
1981: University of Maine | Orono, ME

Clinical, Community and Consulting Nutritionist
Various health and community programs and facilities

Department Director for Nutrition Services
Cheshire Medical Center | Keene, NH

Advocate at Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention
Keene, NH

Advocate and Volunteer Coordinator for The Restorative Justice Project
Belfast, ME