Coaching for Your Whole Life


You are becoming the song of your heart – how beautiful it is.
— Lyric from “Song of Your Heart” by Snatam Kaur and Peter Kater

You’re here because you have a longing for your life to be more than it is right now.

More satisfying. More of a flow than a pressurized push. More aligned with what’s most important than just getting through the to do list, the distractions, and the discouragement. More harmony with others and less discord. More “on your game” than numbing or distracting with substances or mindless activities.

More oriented to the things that resonate with “the song in your heart.”

You may know your heart’s desire: to create – or finish - that thing, to evolve to your next level of personal or professional mastery, to find or create meaningful work, to lead well, to live in alignment with your values and what brings you joy, to make your difference in the world.

Or, you may feel so worn down by the path you’ve walked over the years that you can’t locate a heart’s desire beyond the need for sleep and a break in the action. (That’s a valid desire, by the way, and we get to start filling your well so you can begin to hear more of what your heart has to tell you.)

Wherever you are, whatever you want, when you allow for possibility, doors begin to open and your Life begins to feel like yours again.

I’ve helped people from all walks of life- creatives, business owners, social change agents, professors, students, coaches and retirees- step into their possibilities, into their ever-brightening lives of meaning, ease, growth, joy and self-defined success.

I’d love to help you step into YOUR possibility.

This is the work of your life. It’s exciting and challenging and stretches you beyond the uncomfortable comfort zone to where aliveness awaits. And that’s what we’re here for – to live the true expression of ourselves, warts and all.

It takes a readiness and a commitment to claim “THIS IS WHAT I WANT.”

It takes a willingness to start walking and keep going, sometimes skipping, sometimes bushwhacking, and sometimes resting to take in the view or recover from the tough climb.

And it takes partnership. We often get mired in old habits of thinking, perceiving, feeling, and acting that hold us back and keep us stuck in the comfort zone. And that’s not a full expression of your life.

Having a companion on the path makes all the difference between status quo and heading out for your own vista.


Curious about taking the next step?