“I’ve worked with Lynne for several years and can honestly say she is truly gifted in her approach to supporting transformation. Each session with her is a visit to my ‘soul’s spa’ – where I get to return to myself, keeping me tethered to my values and priorities when I have so many things pulling on my attention and energy. She’s also gifted at helping me see and understand my internal and external barriers, and does so in a compassionate, unthreatening way. She brings a positive, gentle, approach to challenging situations and is completely non-judgmental, no matter what I share with her. The next right step always comes after talking with Lynne. She is infinitely energized by my successes and holds my vision for my life as firmly as I do.”




“I worked with Lynne over 12 years ago for several years, including having her work with multiple teams I was leading at work. I went away from coaching for a few years and didn’t know what I was missing until January 2018 when I restarted with Lynne. A year later, I look back and realize how much I’ve benefited in all aspects of life, thanks to her coaching. I was very unhappy with work and in fear about its impact on my life. We began by assessing career options at my current employer, considering other career options, addressing different ways of thinking about my career and what would bring me happiness at work and in general. Lynne was highly supportive, always helping me see alternative, more empowering perspectives, and helping me uncover my true feelings while assessing my options. At the same time, she the helped me claim my role as a leader at a higher level. Through this work I feel more self-aware and empowered, which has created peace and happiness within me and a feeling of anticipation for the future. I will never give up coaching with Lynne again!“




“One of the people I rely on for support and understanding is Lynne Hutchinson. When I am in connection with her, I am truly accompanied by her through all I’m experiencing in that moment. She truly listens, a rare and unavailable skill in today’s hectic world and not to be taken for granted. She stays with my every word and takes it all in. When she asks a question or offers an observation, it brings me to a place of full self-connection and a kind of ease that I can only describe to be like floating on a raft upon a lake on a perfect summer day. She receives and accepts me in full compassion and offers me a safe space when I most need it.“




“Being a trained communication coach myself, Lynne is one of the most gifted coaches with whom I have had the opportunity to work. Her ability to hear behind the words, to honor my feelings and needs without judgment and to honestly express what is true for her, have encouraged me to shift my thinking and perspective on numerous personal and professional challenges.“




“I have worked with Lynne for the past three months. I was very hesitant to work with a coach – sort of “new agey” and self indulgent. What I found was a person who is an amazing listener with the ability to zoom in on the truly important details and steer me away from the trivial. Lynne has helped me focus in on the “big” things and helped me to take action, rather than think and think and think without doing anything. I am now aware, on a daily basis, of asking myself  the kind of questions she always asks – the questions that help me stay on track. My work life is improved, the quality of the work I am getting is improved. In general, I am closer to where I want to be as a professional. On a personal note, Lynne is friendly, open, and a wonderful person to talk to. I have now recommended coaching to several friends and colleagues because my relationship with Lynne has been so deeply satisfying.“




“We’ve hired consultants and used internal resources in the past for communication and management training, but no one has been able to break through the resistance and cause real change like Lynne has.”




“Lynne not only assisted me in determining my life’s work, she helped me focus on the fundamentals of that work. As a supervisor, I am better equipped to find my staff’s strengths and build upon them. Being able to to see each person I supervise as creative, resourceful and whole has given me the perspective to see each staff member’s expertise and build a stronger, more cohesive team. The team has met its commitments before deadlines, created new and innovative solutions to tasks and has been able to foresee problems before they arise. In short, the tools that Lynne Hutchinson has provided me, has provided my team with valuable resources to discover more meaningful ways to deliver services to our clients. Without Lynne, we might still be reinventing the wheel.“




“Lynne came highly recommended to me by another coach and the recommendation was on the mark. During our months of coaching together, Lynne formed a true partnership with me in exploring my talents and strengths. One of my goals was to team with a coach who could help me to ‘stretch,’ and thus create larger and more expansive ideas than I had ever had. Lynne managed to accomplish this with her clever use of color, imagery and visualization, so I was truly inspired to explore my thoughts with lightness and a sense of fun.

Lynne Invited me to ‘embrace the unknown,’ as she so aptly put it, and assured me that there was ‘value in the unknown.’ She was creative, energetic and respectful of my need to go at my own pace. She knew intuitively how to challenge me to see the possibilities of my vision. She was a wonderful listener and genuinely cared about me and my growth. And so, as a result of her coaching, I began to have more confidence in myself, more clarity in which to make decisions, and more trust in my own creativity and vision of what I wanted to do.

I was impressed with Lynne’s approachability and her ability to be human and low-key. I felt I could say anything without being judged. Nonetheless, she was honest and truthful and didn’t ‘step over’ anything.“